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Get $1,000 Bonus Cash
Get $1,000 Bonus Cash
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Order your next Ford today and get $1,000 Bonus Cash on select vehicles!
Offer Expires 12-17-2022.
The innovator, the trendsetter, the Maverick truck. With a do-it-yourself customizable pickup bed, roomy interior and the latest technology, it’s the only standard full hybrid pickup in America.

You need a vehicle that matches your energy. That’s why the 2022 Ford Maverick truck comes standard with a 2.5L full hybrid engine and offers an optional 2.0L EcoBoost® engine. If it sounds like this truck is as bold as you are, that’s because it is. As the first standard full hybrid pickup in America, the Maverick truck was made to innovate.

This pickup was built to fit you. With its spacious interior, smart storage options, sustainable seat fabric and flooring made from recycled clothing, the 2022 Ford® Maverick was made to match your values and your lifestyle.
Offer Expires 12-17-2022.
We have an offer with your name on it
We have an offer with your name on it
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What is a Ford Private Offer?
Ford has announced that they are providing private discounts to millions of select shoppers.
Can I combine my Private Offer with other incentives and discounts?
How can I find out if I got a Private Offer?
Simply fill out the information below or give us a call at 863-533-0425 and Bartow Ford will check the database and let you know if you have an offer, and how much it's for.
How much will my private discount be?
It depends, each individual offer is personalized. Discounts can range from $750 up to $3,000.
There is no obligation to purchase, and the private offer check is complimentary.
Some restrictions may apply. Offer Expires 12-17-2022.