Free Fishing Tournament

Sign Up for Bartow Ford’s Annual Free Entry Bass Tournament!


Sign Up for Bartow Ford’s Annual Free Entry Bass Tournament!


Come enjoy one of the most fun fishing tournaments of the season!


It was canceled this Spring, but we are ready for you with a new date and a new location! Fill out the form below.


Anglers will compete for First Place ($1,000) and an optional Big Bass pot ($1,000). Great payouts!

Join us for Food, Fun & Great Fishin’


Date:   September 23, 2017

Location: Lake Shipp Park, Winter Haven

Directions, click here

Time:  Daylight

Weigh In:  The scales close at 3:00 PM sharp!


No Entry Fee Tournament Rules & Conditions

  1. Only artificial baits may be used. This includes jigs. Contestants can use any skirt of their choice
  2. Participants must utilize a bass style boat, at least 16 feet long. Engine must be 50hp or greater.
  3. Dead Fish Penalty: 1 pound for each dead fish.
  4. Tournament begins at Safe Light.  Teams late for check in will be disqualified
  5. Tackle and Equipment: Only artificial baits may be used. Only casting, spin-casting, or spinning rods may be used. No rods over 8’ 6” will be allowed. No fly rods, no trolling, and no airboats.
  6. Care of Fish: Teams must use all reasonable care in handling and keeping of fish to keep them alive and in good condition for release after weighing in. All boats must have at least one aerated live-well capable of sustaining their catch. No stringers and no culling of fish at the dock.
  7. Safety: Life jackets must be worn when the main engine is running and kill switches must be attached. Boat motors may not exceed the horse power rating for the boat.
  8. No radios or cell phones may be used during the tournament for the purpose of exchanging or receiving fishing information.
  9. Use of alcoholic or illegal substances is prohibited.
  10. Protests must be made in writing prior to 15 minutes after the final boat check in to the tournament director. All decisions by the tournament director are final.
  11. Liability Release: Participants understand and will abide by the rules set for this tournament. They hereby waive and release Bartow Ford Co., officials, sponsors, hosts, agents and all other contestants from any and all claims of injury and or material and bodily damage incurred in connection with the tournament.
  12. Verification of Liability Insurance: Participants agree to maintain liability insurance on the boat they will be using in this tournament.
  13. Contestants contractually agree to submit to a polygraph test. All contestants receiving cash rewards will be subject to a polygraph test. Failure to pass the polygraph test will result in disqualification.
  14. A third team member is allowed as long as they are under the age of 16 at the time of the tournament.
  15. Limit: Local Rules and Regulations will be followed.
  16.  There will be a fourteen(14) inch size limit on fish.  Penalty on short fish will be the loss of that fish plus the largest fish caught.  In addition, only 1 fish of twenty-two (22) inches or more (per contestant) may be weighed in.  Penalty for bringing in more twenty-two (22) inch fish than allowed will be disqualification.