The Top 7 Off-Roading Trails in Florida

April 26 2018,

The Top 7 Off-Roading Trails in Florida

Off-roading has long been a popular sport and can be enjoyed by anyone, whether they’re pushing a truck or an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) to its limits.But it isn’t always easy to find an ideal place for off-road adventures. Ideally, you’ll find a trail with enough challenge to keep it interesting without putting you or your vehicle in danger. Our Lakeland area Bartow Ford dealership is committed to helping customers enjoy the great outdoors in beautiful Florida. Here are seven of the state’s best off-roading trails to get you started.

  • Ocala National Forest—If you’re looking to experience nature rather than being a speed demon, this trail is the one for you. You’ll be asked to maintain low speeds while enjoying the view.
  • Revolution Off Road Adventures—You’ll have multiple adventure options, including a 200-acre ATV trail, an ATV skill test, and an 8-wheel amphibious vehicle you can drive through lakes and ponds.
  • Big Cypress National Preserve—See areas of the nature preserve not accessible by foot on this extensive trail system. You’ll need appropriate permits and to follow the rules set by the preserve.
  • Withlacoochee State Forest—With 2,600 acres of trails, the Croom Motorcycle Area is open to off-road vehicle owners. There is also a training area and a section designated for younger riders.
  • Lazy Springs Recreation Park—Lazy Springs is made for “down and dirty family fun.” In addition to trails for off-roading, there’s also a muddy zip-line, lake swings, slides, and more.
  • Ultimate UTV Adventure by Land and Water—Orlando isn’t just for theme parks. This adventure lets you explore Florida’s backcountry on an amphibious vehicle that can traverse both water and land.
  • Devil’s Garden Mud Club—Located in Clewiston, Florida, this park has more than 1,200 acres of activities, including mud holes, a mud sand track, a Jeep obstacle course, and miles of trails.

Lakeland area’s Bartow Ford wants residents to enjoy Florida’s scenery in a way that fits their own interests. For ATV enthusiasts, that means heading to one of the many off-road tracks throughout the state. Whether you want to get down and dirty or just take a slow, scenic drive while looking around, you can find a track that will accommodate your interests.

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