No Junk In The Trunk

No Junk In The Trunk

Do you have empty Chick-fil-A cups taking up cup holder space? A bag of old clothes that never made it to Goodwill? Do you find yourself panicking if someone asks you for a ride? If so, it might be time to establish a system to stop leaving your belongings in your car!

Portable Trash Can
By putting a trash can in your car, your litter immediately has a place to belong. It’ll be easier to take out later when you don’t have to gather it; just make sure you remove the bag when it’s full!

Wet Wipes
When a spill happens, it’s best to clean it up right away. However, you might not always have something to clean with besides spit and a thin fast food napkin. Keep a package of disinfecting wipes or baby wipes in your car so that you can attack messes quickly.

Recycle Gum Containers
An empty gum container is a perfect place to store loose change, extra hair ties, or bobby pins.

Glove Compartment
As long as you’re cleaning out your car, you might as well get a little organized! Sort your important car papers into a mini accordion folder so things like your registration and insurance are easy to find.

Is There a Smell?
Does your car stink? We’re not talking about a maintenance-related stench; we’re talking about a sneaky spill that’s fermented and refuses to leave. Simply apply a bit of baking soda to your seats, let it sit for five minutes, and vacuum it up.

Avoid Eating When Possible
If you can avoid eating in your car, you won’t have to deal with the wrappers, empty bags, stains, and crumbs that are sure to follow. But for the times you do have to eat on the go, keep a lined shower caddy tucked under your backseat; it’ll hold all of your food and make it easier to eat neatly.

Cup Holder Liner
You can either buy a liner meant for cup holders, or you can just use silicone cupcake liners. This prevents any liquid from settling into your cup holders. Liners are also easier to clean!

When You Leave, The Trash Leaves
Set up a rule for yourself: every time you leave your vehicle, take a piece of trash with you.

Once you’ve bought your car from your Lakeland area Ford dealership, it’s important to keep it clean and well-maintained. Call us at 1-800-303-4016 to find out how we can help!

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