Ford Introduces Co-Pilot360

May 29 2018,

Ford Introduces Co-Pilot360

Ford constantly works to advance the safety of its vehicles, and the recent introduction of Ford Co-Pilot360 is just one more step in this direction. You will soon find the suite of advanced safety technologies on newer models at your local Winter Haven area Ford dealership, Bartow Ford. In the meantime, find out what makes this technology suite so exciting.

What It Includes

Ford Co-Pilot360 is a suite of advanced driver-assistive technologies and the most advanced of any full-line brand. It includes automatic emergency braking featuring pedestrian detection, a lane keeping system, a blind spot information system, auto high-beam lighting, and a rear backup camera. The entire suite will be standard, meaning Ford cars will have the largest number of included and advanced safety features.

A Closer Look at Features

The standard, automatic emergency braking system is known as pre-collision assist with pedestrian detection. It helps prevent collisions with both pedestrians and other vehicles by flashing a warning and sounding an alert. If the driver doesn’t react, the system can apply brakes to minimize the impact. The blind spot information system, BLIS, relies on radar to spot vehicles in the blind spot and alert drivers, while cross-traffic alert performs a similar function but when backing out of parking spots. The lane keeping system can vibrate the steering wheel to warn drivers they have started to drift, provide steering torque to help get back into the lane’s center, and work with a driver alert system to warn drivers when their attention seems to be dropping.

When It Will Arrive

Ford Co-Pilot360 will first arrive this fall with the 2019 Ford Edge as well as the Edge ST. Eventually, the technology suite will be standard in various Ford passenger cars, trucks, and SUVs in North America.

More to Come

Even as Ford works toward launching the Co-Pilot360 across all vehicles, their team of engineers will continue working on exciting and innovative safety features. There are plans to release automatic emergency braking while driving in reverse next year in North America and the Asia Pacific region. Ford is investing $500 million over the next five years to work toward the goal of developing more safety and driver-assist technologies.

Whether you want to learn more about the Ford Co-Pilot360 or check out the models that it will first arrive on, our team can assist you. Visit your Winter Haven area Ford dealership, Bartow Ford, or contact us at 800-303-4016.

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